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About Us - The Moray Group

Under affiliation to the IAM RoadSmart, the Moray Group was established in 1965 as an independent Scottish charity. The Group is run by unpaid volunteers who are members of the IAM and run courses to enable anybody to become a ‘Better Driver or Rider.

Our courses will improve the hazard perception, spatial awareness, observation, anticipation, concentration and confidence of any driver or rider. Any bad driving or riding habits you have developed are identified and eradicated in order to improve your vehicle handling skills. You might be sceptical about changing the way you drive or ride, but our nationally trained Observers’ will make the experience enjoyable, informal and relaxed. You will learn many new skills and when you’ve reached the required standard you will be put forward for the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driving or Riding test, which will take place in the local area. Our success rate is extremely high and the test is conducted by a retired Police Officers’ who are qualified examiner.

Age and gender are not limiting factors for gaining the Advanced Qualification Certificate. However, this course is of particular benefit to anyone who has lost their confidence after an accident, is under 26 years old, or feels they need to refresh their driving/riding skills. Anyone who considers their skills to be better than average invariably discovers that there is plenty of room for improvement: there are no infallible drivers or riders, we all make mistakes from time to time. The objective here is to recognise the mistakes for what they are, correct them, and try not to make them again. This course teaches you how to do that by anticipating the risks and planning how to deal with them. You will also acquire and learn to apply a better understanding of the Highway Code, which will further boost your confidence and competence.

Once qualified, 95% of members who seek insurance from: tend to be quoted less (sometime significantly less) than that of their current insurer, and there are several other benefits as well.



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