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About IAM RoadSmart - Aims and Products

Advanced Driver Cource LogbookIAM RoadSmart is the UK largest UK independent road safety charity. It’s ‘AIMS’are:

1. To improve the standards of driving and riding on the roads
2. The improvement of road safety or greater road safety or the promotion of road safety
3. The administration of a nationally recognised advanced test

It does this through over 200 affiliated Groups, who are all independent UK charities. These Groups educate, coach and mentor drivers and riders who hold a current UK driving/riding licence are eligible to go through the IAM SmartDrive course using their chosen vehicle in order attain the advanced qualification standard.

The Car and Motorcycle course is for anyone wishing to improve there on road skills and cost £149. For a limited period Moray Advanced Motorists & Motorcyclists are offering it for £134, plus £30 Cash Back to anyone under 26 who successfully completes the course.

Young Driver Assessment - Cost £45: This is for anyone under 26 and start with an on-line questionnaire. Your answers help our experts to tailor a one-hour on-road consultation to your needs, which will be at a time convenient to you and is in your own car. Afterwards, the examiner will give you valuable feedback and give you the opportunity to address any specific questions or worries that you might have, and you will emerge with greater confidence in your driving and an understanding of the techniques required to be better at the wheel.
For more information view Modules and Assessments at:

Mature Drivers Assessment - Cost £49: Mature drivers are among the safest on the road, but there is no denying that as you get older reactions can be less swift, perhaps the eyesight might not be so sharp and memories of the Highway Code less clear. Our Mature Driver Assessment is the perfect way to gain reassurance that even though you may be a senior road user, you still have plenty of miles left in the tank. One of our qualified experts will go out with you, in your own car on familiar roads that are local to you, to assess your driving style and to watch out for any areas where your skills could do with some sharpening. It might be that you are aware that your driving is not what it used to be, that you have worries about particular situations you have encountered in the cut-and-thrust of today’s traffic, or simply that you - or your family - would benefit from the reassurance of knowing that you’re still OK to be behind the wheel of a car.
For more information view Modules and Assessments at:

DriveScotFree & RideScotFree are relaxed one 2 one drive or ride assessments with an IAM Observer in the Moray area, at a time that suits you. After which you’ll receive a comprehensive, confidential drive or ride report. It really is FREE !

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