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Next Driving Course - Thurs 31st August 2017 Elgin Library at 19:30

When you enrol on the course you’ll become an Associate Member of IAM SmartDrive. During the course you’ll be mentored throughout by experienced, dedicated and well qualified Advanced Driving ‘Observers’ who are not instructors, but unpaid volunteers.

Know Your Hightway Code How Much Road Do You Need? - MOVE OVER!

You can attend the first week of the course without obligation. On week two you pay £134 which covers all the costs Saving You 10% on the full price of £149. If you’re under 26 there’s an additional £30 CASH BACK on successful completion of the course. After twelve weeks you should be ready to take the Advanced Driving Test; however, this depends on your progress and personal circumstances, it may take longer. There’s no time limit beyond the one you set yourself.

If this course, or the next one in March 2018, doesn’t suit your personal circumstances we can arrange a bespoke course for you so please Click: CONTACT US









Elgin Library 19:30





1 - Human Factors & Vehicle Control

31st August

Drive 1

Sat 2nd September

2 - Basic Driving Techniques

7th September

Drive 2

To be arranged

3 - Bends, Roundabouts & Overtaking

14th September

Drive 3


4 - Observation & Commentary Driving

21st September

Drive 4


5 - Motorway Driving & Weather

28th September

Drive 5


6 - Meet the Examiners

To be arranged

Drive 6




Drive 7




Drive 8


    Assessment Drive Sat 28th October


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